Orlando Pride coaches fired by NWSL over misconduct

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The coaches had some complaints of verbal abuse and favouritism substantiated after a league investigation; the pair were later found to have participated in retaliatory behaviour to players; a third-party investigator did not substantiate their claims of being subjected to misconduct

Orlando Pride coaches fired by NWSL following allegations of verbal abuse, favouritism and retaliatory behaviour

Orlando Pride head coach Amanda Cromwell and assistant Sam Greene have had their contracts terminated by the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

Cromwell and Greene received written warnings following a joint NWSL/NWSL Players’ Association investigation in March after some allegations of verbal abuse and improper favouritism against them were substantiated.

The coaches were then found to have been participating in retaliatory behaviour towards players they thought had either made complaints against them or supported the investigation. They had also taken negative action against certain players by seeking to waive their contracts or trade them.

Goalkeeper coach Aline Reis was found to have pressured players into sharing favourable information with the investigators and has been placed on administrative leave.

All three coaches – Cromwell, Greene and Reis – alleged that they were subjected to various types of misconduct during the NWSL/NWSLPA joint investigation, but a third-party investigator found their complaints to be unsubstantiated.

Cromwell and Greene “are ineligible to work in the NWSL in any capacity unless or until approved by the commissioner,” a league statement read.

To regain eligibility to coach in the NWSL, the trio must undertake mandatory training regarding retaliation, discrimination, harassment and bullying and also executive coaching, as determined by the commissioner.

Cromwell, Greene and Reis must also acknowledge wrongdoing and demonstrate a sincere commitment to modifying their behaviour.

Reis, meanwhile, can return to work when she is taking part in the executive coaching requirement.

The entire Orlando Pride organisation also has to complete training regarding retaliation, discrimination, harassment, and bullying to “ensure everyone is on notice of the league’s expectations for appropriate conduct and behaviour within the NWSL”.

The NWSL/NWSLPA’s joint investigation into allegations of misconduct toward players by those in positions of power is still ongoing and the league encourages all parties to engage with the process.

The NWSL/NWSLPA Joint Investigative Team may be contacted at [email protected] or you may reach out to the NWSL or NWSLPA directly or through any other club and League reporting channels.

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