Tips for Remote Work and Working From Home

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If you’re working remotely full-time or a few days out of the week, or you’re scouring job boards like ZipRecruiter looking for remote work, these tips can help you succeed and stay productive.

Establish a routine.

Poor work-life balance can negatively impact your happiness. Establishing a routine that works for you with defined working hours can help you distinguish between the two.

Set a schedule and try to stick with it. Creating a to-do list can give you a set of goals to accomplish in your day and keeps a structure you can follow. Aside from your work tasks, include times when you’re exercising, eating lunch and recharging.

Choose a dedicated workspace.

While remote work provides flexibility, getting into a routine can be challenging when you don’t have a dedicated regular workspace. Ideally, your workstation will have a door so you can join meetings uninterrupted without worrying about people walking in and out. You’ll also want to work somewhere with limited distractions so you can be the most productive.

Set it up with all the supplies you need ahead of time so you can get in the zone: paper, pens, cell phone charger, headphones, comfortable chair, extra monitor, reliable Wi-Fi, etc.

Try prepping meals ahead of time.

Cooking a nice breakfast or lunch daily can be tempting, but it can cut into valuable work time. Prepping your meals Sunday or the night before can ensure you still get a delicious, nutritious meal throughout the week. It can also save you money in the long run by helping you resist the urge to order out.

Use a VPN.

Security is essential to working remotely, and many businesses require a secure network outside the office. A VPN can keep your network safe while you’re on public Wi-Fi. You may want one anytime you’re working off-site in a coffee shop, co-working space, airport, etc.

If you’re frequently working outside the office, consider asking your company to provide access to a VPN to keep sensitive information safe.

Stay social.

Working from an office generally presents more social opportunities than working from home. It can be tempting to stay online longer when you feel you don’t get as much face time with your team, but you need to stick with regular working hours to keep your sanity.

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